Carpet Cleaning Glen Waverley

Leading Carpet Cleaning Service in Glen Waverley: 100% Effective Results

Why waste your weekend in a carpet cleaning job when you have our certified pro’s at your assistance? At Sleeky, we are a leading name when it comes to high-quality carpet cleaning service in Glen Waverley at a reasonable price. Our team comprises of adept specialists who have solid trade experience and make your carpet spotless in no time.

A well-decorated carpet brightens up the interiors and makes your home welcoming if it's maintained in top shape. Routine exposure to stains, dirt, grime and grease wears out the shine and make your carpet look outdated before the expected time. Our pro's at Sleeky, understand the concern of dealing with a filthy carpet and offer advanced steam cleaning treatments to restore the glory of your centrepiece. Equipped with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and a passion for delivering the best, our skilled carpet cleaners use organic solvents that eradicate the toughest stains from the fibers and mitigate the risk of discolouration or breakage of fabrics to the extent possible.
What Our Carpet Cleaning Include?
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Dusting & General Care
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Disinfecting
  • Sanitising
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Vacuuming

Major Carpet Blunders We Treat

  • Pet Stains And Odour Removal
  • Mould And Mildews Treatment
  • Blood Stains Removal
  • Food Spills Treatment
  • Dirt & Debris Removal
  • Pest & Critters Treatment
  • Carpet Discoloration Treatment
  • Hard Stains Removal
Highly Advanced & Specialised Carpet Cleaning for Guaranteed Results
Carpet is delicate and needs special care and handling during cleaning. Heavy-duty equipment and scraping tools can effectively eradicate stains and spills but a slight mistake can ruin your pricey centrepiece and make you repent for a lifetime. Therefore, we, at Sleeky, claim to be the best carpet cleaners by virtue of our expertise and proficiency and pledge to make your carpet spotless in no time. Our hot water encapsulation method removes hard stains, mould, grime and grease from the fabrics and gives a long-lasting freshness to your carpet you would truly love. Additionally, our expert pro’s walk the extra mile to deodorise your carpet so that it leaves behind lasting freshness in your home and make your investment worthy in every way.
Want to revive your carpet to it’s former glory? We can help! Get in touch with us for exceptional carpet cleaning service in Glen Waverley and book an appointment at the lowest quote. We are happy to help you anytime!