Upholstery Cleaning Service

Premium Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne: 100% Satisfactory Results Guaranteed

Has it been long since you have deep cleaned your upholstered furniture? Are the stains and unsightly spots on fabrics taunting your eyes? Restore the former glory of the fabrics in no time with premium upholstery cleaning in Melbourne. Leading the industry for years, we have gained skills and expertise in handling the toughest stains with care and brighten up your pricey assets at a reasonable price. Whether it's pet stains removal, blood removal, mould treatment or regular dusting, our comprehensive upholstery cleaning services can elevate the interior decor and make your home welcoming.
No Stains, No Spots Guarantee! Quick & Hassle-Free Cleaning in Minutes
Fabrics are magnets of dirt, allergens, mould and mildews and leaving them untreated for long not only make your upholstered furniture filthy but triggers the potential of severe health ailments among kids, pets and elderly. At Sleeky, we understand your concern of dealing with soiled fabrics and offer quality upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to match up to the standard and expectations you desired. Our experts are professionally trained and certified and perform cleaning with no stains, no spots guarantee to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Whether it’s couch, armchair, sofa sets or lounge, our pro’s are capable of treating any fabric and offer you the following perks:

  • Organically cleaned fabrics
  • Eco-friendly treatments
  • Safe and zero-fabric damage guarantee
  • Fast drying
  • 100% odour removal
All-in-One Upholstery Cleaning Services We Offer
  • Mould and mildews treatment for sofa, couch and lounge
  • Leather upholstery treatment
  • Fabric lounge protection
  • Cushion cleaning
  • Chaise and armchair deep cleaning
  • Sofa sanitisation and deodorisation
  • Pet stains and odour removal
  • Recliner dusting & cleaning
  • Bloodstains and spots removal
Premium Upholstery Cleaning Now in Your Budget!
Upholstered furniture is a pricey investment and regular cleaning and dusting are a must to keep them in top shape. However, dirt, stains, grime and grease on couch and sofa sets are common chores which wear away the shine and make your assets look outdated before time. At Sleeky, our workforce offers promising upholstery cleaning in Melbourne to restore the shine and bring life to your plush investments at the lowest downtime.

What We Do?

  • We offer thorough vacuuming using specialised filters that suck dirt, pollens and allergens and offer promising results worthy to admire.
  • We apply organic detergents depending upon the type and quality of fabrics and eliminate stains and mould in a jiffy!
  • Deep cleaning freshens up the fabrics and makes them smooth.
  • Sanitising, deodorising and steam cleaning removes dirt from deep inside the fabrics and preserves the lustrous shine of your leathered upholstery for long.
  • High-quality air dryers make the drying process fast and smooth.
  • Organic detergents and advanced treatments extend the life-span of upholstered furniture.
Get in touch with us and revive your upholstered furniture like never before. Our certified cleaners deliver outstanding results at market competitive prices. Call us today and ask for a FREE QUOTE anytime!